A Prison Called Palestine

By Suzanne MacNevin

With the near completion of the Israeli Barrier Fence, Palestine is now a prison surrounded by walls. On top of the walls, in sniper towers, are Israeli snipers willing to shoot anyone (Palestinians that is) who even go near the fence. Palestinian children playing soccer near have already been shot and injured by what the Israeli Army calls "warning shots". Warning shots at children? Is that what Israel stands for? Trigger-happy Israeli soldiers who shoot at CHILDREN???

Israeli sniper aiming at a Palestinian.

An anti-terrorist barrier? Or a prison wall?

To finalize it, Palestinians are now cut off from Palestinian hospitals on the Israeli side of the barrier. So if someone gets injured in Palestine, the chances are surviving are significantly less. Technically the BORDER between Israel and Palestine is NOT where the wall is. Its miles away. So the Palestinians hospitals are TECHNICALLY IN PALESTINE, but are now controlled by Israel. This fact has Palestinians angry because it is another attempt by Israel to steal more land.
Israel claims the reason for building the fence is to keep out "terrorists". So Palestinians, all of them, are apparently "all terrorists"...? Isn't that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black? Especially since it was Israeli terrorists who first created the Israel state by bombing/terrorizing the British. It was BRITAIN after all who originally controlled the areas that is now known as Israel and Palestine. Indeed, Ariel Sharon (the Israeli Prime Minister) has a life long history of terrorism. He first joined a terrorist group when he was 14 years old. But is it really a terrorist group when a person is fighting for their freedom? No, they're freedom fighters.

"Nothing To See Here!"

Israeli tank preparing to destroy some Palestinian homes.

And so are Palestinians. They are freedom fighters. They are not allowed to form an official army, so they have to form small militias and use guerrilla tactics in their effort to gain freedom. BOTH sides have their share of freedom fighters. But where does "freedom fighters" and "honour-bound soldiers" stop, and where does "terrorists" and "trigger-happy racists" begin? Are these freedom fighters really terrorists? And is the Israeli Army "trigger-happy racists? From the Palestinian side, the latter is true. From the Israeli side, many believe the former to be true. So what does it all come down to? Racism and paranoia. Its as simple as that. Both side have become paranoid.

Killing Palestinians is apparently a "good thing" according to the Israeli army.

The face of racist fascism? Or just stupidity?

A road with a dead end.

"We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control!"

How many Israeli soldiers does it take to provoke a Palestinian into wanting revenge? Just one.

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