Cradle Of Filth


The Cradle Of Filth is a controversial Black Metal band, who has many admirers among the goth culture fans and also many who love to hate them.

Their constant line-up changes must make Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore envious of themů

In the Beginning

The Cradle Of Filth was first a Death Metal band, formed in 1991, in England, by the singer Dani Filth, the bassist John Richard, the drummer Darren White, and the guitarist Paul Ryan. At early 1992, they released their first demo "Invoking The Unclean", which wasn't much popular.

The guitarist Robin Eaglestone joined them, but after the recording of the demos "The Black Goddess Rise" and "Orgiastic Pleasures", the bassist John and the drummer Darren left the band. To their places went the guitarist Paul Allender, the keyboardist Benjamin Ryan, and the drummer Nicholas Barker. Robin switched the guitar for the bass.

The independent record label Tombstone got interested in them, however they didn't close a deal with it. Their third demo is also the only one of which the band members are proud. It was released in 1993 and called "Total F*#%ing Darkness". It marked the change of the Cradle Of Filth's sound from Death to Black Metal. Another change happened when Darren left them and Nicholas Barker took his place.

Their first contract with a record seal came in 1993 and their first album was released in 1994, called "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh", which had some success and helped establish the band's fame (or notoriety) in the European Black Metal scene. One of its best songs is "To Eve the Art of Witchcraft".

Another dance in the line-up happened when Paul, Benjamin, and Paul Allender left the band. Predictable rumors of the Cradle Of Filth's end spread, but soon the guitarists Stuart Anstis and Bryan Hipp, and the keyboardist Damien Gregory joined them and they went steadily on.

In 1995, they recorded the EP "V Empire", which had among its songs "The Forest Whispers My Name", with the guitarist Jared Demeter in the place of Bryan, because he had to leave the band due to health problems.

It was supposed to have songs that were intended for the next album, but as they were having problems with the record label, they decided not to release their best songs in it. To Bryan's place went John Pyres.

The Late 1990s

Cradle Of Filth's next album "Dusků And Her Embrace", which featured the song "Malice Through the Looking Glass", was released in 1997, through the label Music For Nations.

It had the guest appearance of the Venom's singer Cronos and was the album that made them known worldwide.

There were three versions of this album, including a limited edition package in the form of a coffin.

In that same year, the keyboardist Damien left the band and to his place went Les Smith (a.k.a. Lector). They played some important venues like the Dynamo Festival.

In 1998, the Cradle Of Filth released the album called "Cruelty And The Beast", which also had a limited edition package, this one in the form of a Celtic cross. This album was banned in several countries because of the gore pictures on the insert. Its several different editions had versions of "Sodomy And Lust" of Sodom and "Hallowed By Thy Name" of Iron Maiden, among other covers.

New changes happened in 1999, when the drummer Nicholas left the band and was replaced by William Was Sarginson, who had already worked with the Cradle Of Filth guys in the early years. New changes soon happened again. William was quickly replaced by Dave Hirschheimer, and not long after that, Dave was replaced by Adrian Erlandsson. More changes happened, when Stuart Anstis was fired and replaced by Paul Allender.

After all these problems, their first videoclip and a new EP were released, called "From the Cradle To Enslave", which had several covers like "Death Comes Ripping" originally a Misfits song, remixes and one new song: "Of Dark Blood and F%*#ing".

A new change happened in 2000, when the keyboardist Lector left the band and Martin Powell took his place. This was also the year, when they recorded their most elaborate album "Midian" that has the song "Her Ghost in the Fog" among its best. This album had several guest appearances, as those of the cellist Andy Nice, the narrator Doug Bradley and the singer Sarah Jezebel Deva.

In 2001, the Cradle Of Filth released their first record on their own label AbraCadaver, called "Bitter Suites to Succubi", which had the guest participation of the string quartet Apocalyptica. It has songs like "Born in a Burial Gown", "Black Goddess Rises II" and "No Time to Cry".

That same year, they were the first Black Metal band to sign a deal with a big recording company, in their case, Sony Records. When they went on tour, they took the bassist Dave Pybus as Robin had left the band again.

A live album and compilation album called "Lovecraft & Witch Hearts" were released in 2002, and this year was the time for the guitarist John Pyres to leave the band. Their latest album is "Damnation And A Day", which has the participation of the Budapest Film Orchestra and the Budapeste Film Choir. It has the songs "Thank God for the Suffering", "End Of Daze" and "Serpent Tounge", among others.

They are currently in studio planning their next release.

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